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Move-Up Mortgages

Whether you call it upsizing, downsizing, right-sizing, when you are leaving one property to purchase the new owner-occupied property, there's a lot of moving pieces. My role in this whole puzzle is to make sure that we're limiting penalties on your sale, bridging any gaps, making sure that we have the proper financing in place for that bridge.

Moving in the Middle of Your Mortgage

Work With a Mortgage Expert

Porting or bridging a mortgage is one of my favourite things because you really do need an expert—somebody who does mortgages full time to make sure that this process is seamless for you.

Keep Your Property as a Rental

What if you don’t want to sell your property and it as a rental property? That's an option, too, as long as we have access to a down payment on the new property. So let me help you. Let's talk about your numbers, where you're coming from on your current property and what you're going to. It'd be my pleasure to help you out.


My Amazing Clients

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for your efficient work and all of the explanations. Coming from over a decade of renting, I had spent a long time thinking of my ideal place and when I saw it I moved quickly. Despite having little knowledge of the mortgage process, you guys handled everything so efficiently that my fast pace did not seem to be an issue at all and I felt confident in my decisions and awareness of the mortgage throughout the initial process. Now comes the hard part for me – waiting! I am so excited to be done with renting I just want to take possession right now!

Move Up

Moving to or from Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Beaumont, Devon, or St. Albert?

Answering All Your Questions About Move-Up Mortgages

I'd love to talk to you about how we can work together to find the best option for moving or bridging your mortgage.

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